FIAT500 / ABARTH500 Trunk Brace Bar

FIAT500 / ABARTH500 Trunk Brace Bar
FIAT500 / ABARTH500 Trunk Brace Bar


Model : 500 / PANDA

Model Identifier :

  • (FIAT 500) 3121#
  • (FIAT 500C) 31212
  • (PANDA) 16914
  • (ABARTH 500) 312141 left hand drive car
  • (ABARTH 500) 312141 right hand drive car

Parts No. 695 738 0

Week point of Hatch back style vehicle body can strengthening by use of this Trunk Brace Bar. Trunk Brace bar connects both side of the body inside week rear hatch part of the body in order to gain rigidity.

Bar and bracket is welded together to form one piece design in order keep light weight and strength at the same time.

Oval shape shaft is used to maximize strength and anti-twist.

Made of steel. Silver color powder coated paint for scratch registants.

JPY 38,500